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The perfect fancy clone released on it’s way !

September 2nd, 2013 Comments off

It was a long time plan to have our own e-commerce script which could be in position to cover almost all the latest e-commerce niches. Since the day we planned, we have been thinking what could be most wanted features for a common e-commerce websites where lot of people can be involved as a buyer and seller as well. There, we found the great website

Why fancy is so popular? The important factor is, it is not only a e-commerce and also a social networking. In other words, you can call it a social e-commerce. The people share their products and get the trends of their product and according to the demand they fix their price and sell it in the same place.

How does it work? It’s working like similar social networking where you can share the pictures and post your comments, likes & dislikes and follow the product or seller. You can be the buyer and the seller too. Normally you see lot of products over the web and if you have any similar product and you wanna sell it online, take some good photos and upload them all in your account and make it publish and enable the selling option and that’s it.

So what is fantacy 1.0?

Do you like the and the way they are presenting the products to the end user? Also do you think similar way of approach will make a big change in your everyday e-commerce website? If Yes, you are with us. We strongly feel that the way of product listing will give a change in the normal buyers and they will start visiting your website everyday like they do it for facebook. So the more visitors you get, the more business you do. Since it is also a social network, it is going do to the product promotions on it’s way and so you don’t need to worry about the promotions.

What else about the fantacy 1.0?

There is much more. From the day we released the product we have got a big list of changes that could make this script unique and much better than in time. In addition to this, we are also working on the mobile apps that can be integrated with this script. They are going to be the native Android and iOS application as it is the best of way handling the powerful apps.

Why do you need fantacy 1.0?

It’s not easy to start up a e-commerce business in a real quick time with more advanced options like web and mobile solutions. In addition to that, when you think of the budget that could popup in your mind for this e-commerce idea, will make you think of your return on investment ratio. But when you are  with us, leave those worries and start spending few dollars that you could spend on your vocation to start up this e-commerce idea.


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What to Look For When Choosing a UK Web Hosting Company for Small Business

July 19th, 2012 Comments off

UK web hosting for small business purposes allows your business and services to gain exposure while marketing, promoting and advertising aspects of your brand. Because there are different web hosting opportunities available, it can be overwhelming and confusing trying to find the best service for your needs. The good news is there are a few tips to keep in mind that can help you narrow down your options. This should help you focus more on finding the right hosting opportunity that will help your small business succeed.

There are a variety of UK web hosting for small business sites that are competitive in price, as well as in features. Your budget may help in choosing a site that is affordable, but if you’re not sure on how much a site costs you will want to do research to compare prices. It’s likely you’ll pay more if the site offers more features. Yet, just because it offers more features, doesn’t mean it is a good value. This is because some features offered may not be of interest or need to your business. Plus, some features are made to benefit your customers, clients and potential buyers; this means you’ll want to keep your market in mind when reviewing your options.

UK web hosting for small business options include sites such as HostPapa and HostClear. These along with several others such as have good feedback from other small business users. Reviewing feedback for site products is another way to get an idea if the site will fit your needs. Sites that have high ratings with customers often provide quality features such as unlimited disk space, free domains and domains set at lower prices. These features are great for small businesses in today’s market since most sites feature photos, videos and article content that require a lot of space while being easy to access for site visitors. Other features to consider include email accounts, extensions, front page features and more.

Creating a website through a UK web hosting for small business site should be a simple process that easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. Many sites offer tutorials that are useful for beginners and professionals on how to achieve the look they want for their site. If you are new to the concept of web hosting, you may get lost in different aspects, so it helps to have material or customer service representative to refer when developing your site.

Some UK web hosting for small business sites have other aspects to consider that may help you make a good choice such as currency, page loading times and search engine visibility. The amount you pay each month may vary depending on the company that provides the web host service, while others charge a flat monthly rate. Page loading times could be an issue to review if you know you’ll feature a high volume of content such as video and photos. Search engine visibility helps your website be visible to those searching for similar content.

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Google Panda 3.6…3.5…Penguin Update…

June 9th, 2012 Comments off

Google Panda 3.6…3.5…Penguin Update… Err… Can Someone Tell Me What Hit Me?

There were updates before the Panda and there has been one after the Panda, but nothing can match the enormous impact caused by this seemingly harmless animal. The algo update was just one of the 500 updates that are launched every year, but it shook the SEO industry by its core.
The latest 3.6 version hit webmasters on the 27th of April. However, search rankings weren’t really affected asthis was a minor update. In fact, it went unnoticed until it came up for discussion on the Webmasters Forum. But why did Google launch another update just 3 days after the Penguin or just eight days after the Panda 3.5 update?

Well, to make things clear, the Penguin update isn’t about duplicate or unworthy content (like the Panda) – it’s a webspam update with its focus on unnatural link building processes and keyword stuffing. As for the changes to the 3.5 update, no much is known about the reason behind such a quick succession of updates. Perhaps, there was a mistake and this was an attempt at correcting it, or maybe this is one of the many minor tweaks…who knows?

So what was the 3.5 Update all about?

The 3.5 update wasn’t really noticed until Matt Cutts chose to comment on a Search Metric stat that listed out the winners and losers of the Penguin update. It was released on the 19th of April and was confused by many with the Webspam update.

Okay…. So what’s the Penguin Update About?

This one was surely the first of its kind…and something tells me it isn’t a onetime update. There are going to be further tweaks. It hits out at the core of certain grey hat practices where webmasters indulge in unnatural link building practices or stuff their content with keywords.

So far So Good…But Did They Really Manage to Tackle Webspam?

Initial results don’t really prove this. For instance, a quick search on the internet for the keyword Viagra threw up an array of results. There’s a site that Google openly declares to be compromised! Looks like the best of intentions were lost… The Internet is full of such examples where webmasters have found serious glitches. In fact, there’s even an online petition that asks Google to roll back the Webspam update.

Will Google Roll Back its Update?

Most certainly not! Gone are the days when search algos were based on a primitive method where search results were decided on the number of backlinks and the density of keywords in a page. But today, results are now refined. Informative content now weighs more than anything else.

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Ripe WordPress HD Video Plugin

May 8th, 2012 Comments off

What is difference between the Ripe WordPress Video Plugin and Other video plugins

You can find thousands of video player plugin for WordPress and with most of them you will have lot of restriction on functionalities rather than features. But with the Ripe WordPress video plugin you will get what you need. This includes:

  • No watermark logo on the player.
  • No restriction on video playback, you can easily play more than one video.
  • All of the basic features needed for a WordPress website

Why should I use Ripe WordPress video plugin?

  • Easy to integrate the videos to Ripe HD FLV Player.
  • Free High Definition video playback.
  • Light weight player (less than 40KB) which allow it to load quickly.

Download Link: