fb ads

Planning to get into fb ads to promote your business then Find out your customers availability in Facebook. If you are running consumer-facing enterprise like café, a retail shop, services, a plumbing business or an ecommerce website, many of your customers surely will want to keep in touch with you on Facebook.It’s easy to get your account in fb and your business page for your customers to keep them in touch with the updates on your brand and stores.

You can get inspired the advice on the Facebook for Business page. It has many  useful case studies featuring businesses of all types.

  • Let the people know that you are available in facebook. You can use your other social network profiles like linkedin to post links that redirects to your fb page. You can put the info into your website and with your email signature.
  • Make the exact for your profile. Include apt images, a link to your website, an overview or info of your company and a legible description of your product or service.
  • You can use the keywords in your posts and profiles, so that when people are about to search will more likely will fetch your page in the search engine results. The main advantage of having a fb page for your business is that customers will able to find you quickly from their mobile devices.
  • Your posts are supposed to be visually enjoyable in Facebook, particularly images has the capability to attract more likes,comments and shares. Around 75% of the content posted are images in fb by brands. The content you post should have the human side of business along with not damaging the brand reputation.   
  • Use ads to reach out specific or targeted set of peoples. Facebook allow target ads based on location & demographics to behaviour & interests or even a combination of these and everything.
  • Get in connected with your fb users, As they love to talk to real people and to share news and views. You must Reply to queries and respond to comments, even on any complaints. You can also arrange an discussion and ask for feedback — positive user-generated content provides a very powerful reach for your business.
  • You can direct your fb page users to your website or blog.. Set your blog’s RSS feed so you can automatically publish snippets on your fb page to encourage followers to visit your website.You can run competitions and reward your fb users on exclusive deals.
  • Keep on track everything with page insights which gives you an overview of who is your customers and how they are related with your business. You can use adverts manager to track your ads performance versus to your objectives.