As eCommerce industry grows day by day every enterprenuer should keep track their online business to the trend. The builtout is actually a good challenge for online business people to step into next level and for the end user, they will get new features which ease their shopping experience. Since the past couple of years been the revolutionized eCommerce dimension, each and every etailers should plan for 2016, to sustain their online shopping cart business and to set next level of their venture.

Mcommerce proliferation and its impact:

Nowadays mobile device usage penetrates in all sector. Indeed online shopping cart too. Make sure, your eCommerce site is mobile responsive. Past years the mobile traffic are apparent. Almost 35% of traffic are from mobile devices it is necessity to optimize your website’s mobile version.

As statistics from kissmetrics reveals some interesting mCommerce data,

  • For every local purchase made , 78% of the people uses their mobile devices to search.
  • Two out of three people prefers mobile version website to access their search result.

Hence undermining the mobile version of your eCommerce business will let you to lose some valuable conversion rates. You can get the status of your website’s mobile visitor using google analytics.

Omnichannel shopping cart:

An eCommerce site should allow it users to access their shopping through any type of devices. Another most popular device is tablets. Its usage is also increasing these days. Even phablets are most popular. People nowadays forget spending time by sitting in front of a desktop and shop. End user started accessing the shopping websites with their handheld devices. Hence providing multichannel shopping access will help your site in terms of traffic and conversion rate.

As per statista on omnichannel statistics says,

  • As per the survey on multi channel online website provider,48 percent of the end user at-times felt overwhelmed on finding many options to access the online cart, which sets to their preference.

There are probability to get more traffic from mobile phones, phablets and tablets in the forthcoming year.

Automated marketing strategy:

For online stores in terms of automated marketing tactics doesn’t tends to just emailing alone. A customized landing page of your website, adaptive promotions and offers according to the occasion, easy access to the shopping cart and automated suggestion or recommendations for the products user searches

Automated product recommendations can be determined by each user’s history on what they purchased and made product clicks in their search.

Good content to engage and sell:

A crucial task would be using content in b2b online sales. B2B people not only looks for the products, they requires specifications, supporting videos, enriched images, detailed product guidelines. As these are the elements will let them to buy.

The beneficial part in this, you not only aware the users of your products but also to let them know when new promotions or products arrives. when you provide personalized content to the visitor which drives more values in knowledge to them, many interesting visitor can arrive to your website which in turn results in sales and long lasting relationship with the users.

Customer data analysis and Flash sales of eCommerce site:

Algorithms can help the eCommerce website to fetch the customer’s data in terms of personalization and automation based on their search and purchase history.

Flash sale strategy the most unavoidable one in all eCommerce site. The flash sale periodicals may be lasts from a hours to days. But the most popular one is 60minute sales. As people looks for exclusive discount offers this could helps in few more sales engagement.

Reliable shipping:

Shipping the great task for every online store people. As we live in well-informed era, user never wanna to wait for the product than the expected date. Since the customer is the king, every ecommerce retailer should know the ways to grip them with their satisfaction. Proper shipping along with quality will surely make users to get stuck for long way.

These were some of the important points to be remembered and optimized on your online store to drive long way in eCommerce industry.