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Fantacy v3.0

A Social ecommerce script

Fantacy is a which is a social ecommerce script with multi vendor systems. Fantacy supports the maximum features that any multi vendor shopping cart needs. It has group buying, coupons, social share, invite friends, hashtags, @users on comments, easy filters, affiliate product share options, disputes, near me and more. Fantacy script also comes with ready made native iOS and Android Apps.

Developed on

PHP, MySQL and J-Query Mobile for the front End.
HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap for Back end.

Objective C for the native iOS mobile App
Java for native Android mobile App

Who is it for

Fantacy is a multi vendor ecommerce script which can be used any web masters who run B2B or B2C business.


Customisable Gift Card

Anyone buy a gift card with different price option and can share it with their friends easy and quickly.

Advanced Group Gift Option

Fantacy has option of group buying of any product and can also invite more friends for buying.

Complete Social Media Friendly

Completely social media integrated, you can login using social login and share any product you like with your friends.

Effective Product Search

Easy options to search any products and also advanced filter options to filter your product listings.

Push notifications on Apps

Native apps and effective notification on the script keeps your buyers and sellers connected all the time.

Simple Shipping Maitenance

Shipping maintenance for each and every product that your sellers add in the system.

Coupons and Wish lists

Fantacy’d or whishlist keeps the track of liked items and advanced coupons option to share between friends.

Easy commission setups

Multiple number of commission split-ups are amiable for admin and it can also be easily managed under admin account.

Dispute Management System

Disputes are crucial part of any eCommerce system which is handled in a easy way with fantacy ecommerce script.

Buyer Seller Communication

Advanced communication system take care of post and pre sale questions between the buyer and seller.

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