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HowzU v1.0

Social dating app to seek people around you,

HowzU, the clone of tinder app. Dating app like tinder to seek people around you in a social way. HowzU supports the most available features in Tinder like animated gestures to pass through over the match suggestions, Turn on/off notification, login through Facebook, discovery preferences and much more. The power node js made the app to be a powerful standalone instant chat solution

Developed on:

PHP, Node js, MySQL for the back end

Apache server, the most popularly used web/http server.

Java and material UI for the Android app

Who is it for?

HowzU the social dating app, the best choice for the eCommerce startups who runs b2b or b2c on instant chat solutions


Perfect clone of Tinder app

HowzU, perfect clone of tinder app, to social way to search for you match location based

Does the app is socially integrated

Yes, you can access the app by logging in through facebook.

What's the discovery preferences in the app

It lets the users to search people by setting filter on age bar and gender to find the matches with ease.

How to disable notifications?

From the settings you can uncheck the notifications to opt out receiving notifications.

How matches are suggested?

Using web service the matches will get suggested in random .

Take a look at the demo to see all amazing features of HowzU

Native android app Price 499$, to make your very own IM dating chat solution