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Joysale v1.0

An advanced classifieds script for buyer and seller.
Joysale, the clone of and which is the advanced classifieds script. Joysale supports the most available features in all classifieds scripts like instant buy, exchange to buy, chat and buy option, My offer option, Location based product search, Coupons, Live chat, Multi-lingual support social friendly and much more.. Joysale script comes along with the native apps on Android for the mCommerce users too.

Developed on:

PHP,HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap for the front-end

MySQL and nodejs for the back-end

Java for the native Android app

Who is it for?

Joysale the advanced buyer seller classifieds script, the best choice for the eCommerce startups who runs c2c.


Instant Buy

An instant buy button which lets users to buy product with few clicks. Int lets users to proceed payment within few steps just by reviewing the shipping details.

Chat & Buy

Real-time chat application lets seller and buyer to inquire about the products and to buy. The most powerful instant messaging system to get immediate response between the seller and buyer

Exchange to Buy

Users can exchange their products in return to the product they are about to buy.By choosing the product you want to exchange you can send an “exchange request” to the seller quickly.

My Offers

Quote your “My offer price” for the product. Buyer can send their price quote request for the product

Product Coupons

Product coupons to avail discount. Users can use the coupons to avail offer for the particular products.

Paypal Credit Card Payment

The paypal credit card payment lets users to pay through their credit card linked to their paypal account. Another choice for the users who are convenient with card payments

Product Location System

Search products by location based, Add products from your location. Users can now search for the product in their location too

Take a look at the demo to see all amazing features of Joysale

Package starts from 499$, to own your advanced classifieds website