promote business with pinterest

We all know social media are now the mightiest medium to promote and reach out your business. Facebook,twitter and linkedin are used by many people to promote their business. Did you know the recent swing to promote your business in a pictorial can be done using Pinterest. Check out how to handle pinterest to market and promote your business.

Your audience are available to watch out you there. Many sources have given statistics that people are spending reasonable time in pinterest. Almost 55% of the women aged of 18-55 are on pinterest, 21% of men and 33% of millennials are also in pinterest. Thus for the online stores who wants to target high number of women consumer, then they have to go with pinterest.

Pinterest is more than a social network, it’s not about just chatting and hanging out with friends through posts. Pinterest helps the users to get some ideas,activities and advice. Especially, when you are looking for a gadget, preparing for marriage may be your outfits, planning for a dinner or decorating your home.

Buyers in pinterest are readily to make instant purchases. Pinterest plays the vital role in influencing the user to buy. Conversion rate in pinterest are 50% higher comparative to the other social network. And also pinterest is the top converting social media in top of the funnel advertising. As people are reaching pinterest to get inspired. Since many people are sharing their dreams,lifestyle and idea to achieve what you want. Find some tips to use pins in the rightway.

  1. Create popular images that are high quality of 736×1102 pixels, bright and crisp. better would be infographics in popular categories
  1. You can increase your pins visibility on 2PM-4PM EST and 8PM-1AM EST with keywords in pin titles, descriptions, and image files anchoring to your other social media networks.You can add the Pin It Hover button and Pinterest widget to your websites for sending your pins in newsletters. You can also add a call-to-pin in your pin description.
  1. Engage with the right followers and influencers to grow your reach with pinning merely 30 times per day also by responding to your follower comments and by commenting on your follower pins. You can also Follow popular boards and comment in it. Did you know inviting followers and influencers to pin on your board builds the influencer relationships. You can be reached using “find friends” from Twitter and Facebook
  1. You can promote your brand successfully with Rich Pins, your site’s direct link in description. And also you can play around variety of content like relevant and seasonal. You can highlight the most popular boards at the top. You can part a board just to pin your blog posts as it will be very much helpful for your potential reader.
  1. Pinterest Analytics information helps to create a more successful future strategy. You can use the strategy gained to elevate your Pinterest for Business account. Will continue to develop and increase your target audience, and direct people to your website.