Before embarking your Online business every onlinepreneurs and startups should ensure and checklist the security factors of their website. Did you know security of your website matters a lot as it hold numerous banking and credit, debit card details of your customers entrusted into your online portal. Thus security been the cornerstone for the success of your online business check the essential security features for your online marketplace.

SSL certificates and PCI compliance:

The (PCI DSS) Payment Card Industry Data security Standard, a set of standards designed to ensure that every company that process, store or transmit cc (credit card) information maintained in a secure environment. Especially for the one who has Merchant ID (MID). To entrust the website should guarantee protection for the cardholder data and implement strong control measures to access it.

Even if you are using payment gateways you should ensure the PCI compliance, as you will be handling customer’s data. The same with the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) authentication is must to ensure the secure communication between the server and your customers. So ensuring that every web pages of your site is with secured data SSL and your payment gateways are compliance to PCI is the minimum protection you can entrust to your customers data.

Avoid piling up your customers data:

At most of the times it’s not necessary to hold numerous customers data when it comes to confidential data like credit card number and cvv2 numbers and expiration dates which are infact formidable under PCI compliance.

Many security experts advices to keep a small data of your customer to process refunds and chargebacks and purge the remaining from the server. Obviously we need the customer’s email id, phone numbers atimes addresses for email campaigns but make sure that the data of your customers should never be in trouble.  

Ensure Multiple layers of security with DDoS protection:

Layering security is the must have damper to cyber crime, says by many internet security experts. That starts with the firewall security which stops attackers into your network. All these layers are some of the best way to protect from app-level attacks namely cross site scripting and sql injection.

DDos (Distributed denial of service attacks grew in frequency and are increasing more. In response the company can sign up to cloud based services that scrub the unwanted traffic. Some high end services offer managed DNS services on transaction capacity to make it more difficult for DDos attacks to be successful. You can also install the security patches on your system regularly.

So these were the few steps that can help your ecommerce website and customers data to save from the troublesome of hackers and fraudsters.