Hitasoft was launched in 2008 and quickly gained traction all over the world, with Start-ups, Small and Medium Businesses, Global 2000 Companies who saw the Platform for B2B High-end Online and Offline Web, Mobile and Software Solutions and Services. In today’s fast paced global economy you should be quickly adapt to latest technologies we fit your needs and it will quickly become a legacy platform.


We’re a family of developers, testers, marketers working together to develop awesome brands, make lifelong connections and build a bunch of new things. We work really well together but are awesome separately, too. Hire only what you need, we’ll build our team around your project. From small icon projects, to building entire applications, we’ve worked on projects of all sizes.


As a full service business developers we help companies with everything from website design and development through to content marketing, SEO and PPC. Give us a chance and see how our passion can make the web work for you. From strategy and search marketing to content creation and interactive experiences, we'll help you prepare for a digital-presence world.


Our culture is the foundation upon which everything else is built, and that's why we take a lot of care to make sure we don't trash it up. At its core, it's a shared set of values which guide key decisions we make; from the people we hire and companies we work with, projects we work on, through to how we conduct ourselves in the day-to-day.


We are very passionate about what is required.We collaborate with companies to help them visualize and plan how their requirements can turnup into game changing products. Our work span the complete innovation process from customer insight and opportunity mapping to technical feasibility and prototyping. This provides us a result of blueprint for what to design and build.


At Hitasoft, We help our clients rethink their business through a customer experience mindset. We help them navigate the ever changing business landscape and align their organization around what truly matters to customers. Great experiences can only happen through great execution. We design and engineer digital products and multi touchpoint services.


“ Most customers expect good service but only few get it thats because only few provide it ”. – C.E.O.
We believe that only few companies maintain a quite neat relationship with the customers. It hit us a little bit harder with a question of why don’t we build a good relationship with the customers? This made us provide very comfortable solutions and services to our customers.