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We help people become believers in your brand through the power of brand experience

We help people become believers in your brand through the power of brand experience

We help people become believers in your brand through the power of brand experience

Tweak Your Brand’s Market Needs

Sometimes, when the best laid-out plans go awry, brand managers begin to wonder – why strategize? But that’s exactly the reason why they need the branding services in the first place. Hitasoft as a part offers branding services that puts your brand in a distinctive position in the market. We know that brand strategy is the art of forecasting future market trends, establishing new communication channels with your consumers, re-aligning brand attributes with their consumer needs; engaging and exciting them in various subtle ways at every anticipated and non-anticipated touch point.

Branding Services offering proves these key facts:


It takes 5-7 brand impressions before someone will remember your brand.


45% of a brand’s image can be attributed to what it says and how it says it.

Most important, brand strategy is knowing where to put your resources. It’s also the art of predicting all the “what if” scenarios, knowing what kind of customers you are likely to court five-six years down the line, what communication tools or tech devices to put in place and looking inwardly, intermittently to determine if your brand strategy is working or tweaking it as per market needs. We help create a strong brand identity that maintains consistency in its communication and visual elements, that calls for a better brand recall value. It is equally important that the corporate identity design with its distinctive approach helps the brand to differentiate itself from its rivals.

How do We go about getting your brand noticed

Brand launch

Introducing a new product or service, an entirely new company, or extending an existing brand? Hitasoft can help you plan and design a comprehensive approach to introducing a new brand to current or new customers while delivering a memorable and compelling brand experience.


Integrating after a merger or acquisition? Repositioning to stay competitive? There are many reasons to consider rebranding to stay relevant. Hitasoft’s strategic approach ensures that the creative expression will reverberate throughout your business, inspiring employees, customers, and shareholders for years to come.

Brand experience alignment

Want to create a coherent brand experience for your customers across the ever-increasing number of touchpoints? Hitasoft can align your brand strategy and touchpoints so that you can strengthen the bond between your brand and customers.

Brand culture

Do your employees embrace your brand and understand how it translates to them? Liquid designs strategies and engagement programs so that employees can deliver on a brand’s promise and create an authentic experience for your customers.

Brand Express

Are you an early- or late-stage company that can benefit from an investment in the brand building? We developed Brand Express specifically to help emerging companies leverage brand experience to build differentiation, and late-stage companies maximize their event.

Brand Services

Not what you are looking for? We help our clients with large-scale strategic initiatives such as launching new corporate or product brands, reinvigorating existing ones, or igniting the internal culture.

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