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Nuggets of Wisdom from Our CEO

Most customers expect good service but only a few get it. That’s because only a few provide it. This thought hit us a bit harder. So we mainly focus on providing our customers with best-in-class solutions, and services to their satisfaction. And, we are keen about maintaining an amicable relationship with our clients as they are our source of knowledge.

Our Story

Back a decade ago, Hitasoft Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd kicked off with the goal of producing innovative and unique internet applications. Gradually with the pace of time, we got established as a registered company and started stepping towards our mission of giving wings to the dreams of people in the IT world.

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Each and every member of our core team was completely aware that helping people with materializing their ideas into reality isn’t an easy task. Yet, we kept working tirelessly, turned each hurdle we stepped on it into a launchpad that took us to the next level.

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With every passing year, our company’s culture became the vital foundation of our growth. Thus, we slowly transformed from selling a product to a full-blown, app & web development company.Though our firm came into being with a few employees we are now one big family that constitutes developers, testers, and marketers who are more than 80 in number and are working together to develop outstanding brands and to make lifelong connections.

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To win a battle you need to fight it more than once, and that’s what our company’s name stands for. Hita in Sanskrit means ‘To Battle’.This way we have mastered the art of finding opportunities amidst the chaos. As a firm, we take up full responsibility for helping our clients achieve the impossible.

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We find both pleasure and pride in being the guiding light for those entrepreneurs who desire to succeed but are clueless to venture on their own. Thus, now we own the pride of being the expert solutions providers & the best-in-class mobile and web app developers with 500+ happy customers on service projects.

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It may be a billion-dollar company’s technology but, if you desire to customize it your way, we are all set to get it done for you. Asides from all these, we techno wizards are ready to take up any challenge that today’s digital world throws at us and transform it into an opportunity to showcase our worth.

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Our Success Timeline


Hitasoft Technologies came into being(we began with just 4 graduates)

Hitasoft Technologies came into force(our small team doubled from 4 to 8 members)


Hitasoft Technology Solution Pvt Ltd got registered as a firm

Launched our First product-Appkodes Fantacy And our members multiplied from 8 to 34 in number

Launched our readymade classified script, Appkodes Joysale.


Launched Appkodes-Airfinch

Launched Appkodes-Hiddy,Appkodes-Livza and Appkodes-Cabso

Our product,Appkodes Hiddy bagged the best user experience award.


Launched Appkodes-Randou

Launched Appkodes-Fundoo,Appkodes-Joybid,Appkodes-Meetdoc and Appkodes-Idemand

Launched Our SERP Tool-SERPPLE


Launched Appkodes-Anytable

Another branch of Hitasoft came into force with 40+ members and it is continues to expand

We work on expanding our wide range of products.Thus,our business horizon keeps broadening