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Customer Reviews
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Customer Reviews

Read honest reviews by our customers who has no reason to lie

Read honest reviews by our customers who has no reason to lie

Read honest reviews by our customers who has no reason to lie

Together We’re Better

I am very happy to find Hitasoft team, as my projects were handled very professionally within the specified deadlines. Even the out-of-scope things were done by this team. Hitasoft is one of the good company who understands the technology and knows what they are doing. I will be hiring Hitasoft for many of my future projects.

Thank you team for the wonderful work and understanding the requirements very clearly.

Angelo Kaushish, UK

Web Team Manager

My name is Abraham Jalbout and I run a small financial management and development group in the US. I deeply recommend the services provided by Hitasoft as they are responsive, intuitive and diligent in the understanding of the needs of the client and reaching specific time lines. Hitasoft has helped our business reach new clients, audiences and fundamental growth as a result of their unique vision. We are looking forward to a long term professional arrangement with Hitasoft and expect to pursue larger projects in conjunction with their team.

Abraham Jalbout, US

CEO, Corrtrend

Thanks Arun Andiselvam, for the installation and support. Really amazed on how they we are able to install Hitasoft HD FLV Player, for the owner of tube script himself....says that would be impossible. But after visiting their site, read the feats... I know this is the player I wanted on my site and I am pretty much positive that this will be installed... as they promised... they did installed the HD Player. Great team, great support... Thanks again..

Archilles Vivero


I would like to thank Arun & Hitasoft, and recommend them highly. He is always extremely helpful and quick to respond, and most of all the Video player looks good and works.

Chris Blyth

UI Designer

I have been searching for a good player for my high traffic site.Hitasofts FLV Player is excellent, it's very easy to configure. And the price is reasonable.A very great product ! -

Hero, Canada


Ripe FLV Player is the best FLV player on the market. It is a great value for the price where other FLV player developers falter - customer service & price, Hitasoft stands head & shoulders above them.

ClipBucket Team

Development Team

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