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Realtime IOS developer course with placements @ Madurai!

ios development course

70 days

Training sessions

ios development course

5+ yrs

Experienced software developers

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ios development course

Kick-start your career in iOS app development

Are you looking for the best way to build a successful career in iOS app development? Then, our iOS training program with effective training sessions will be the apt choice for you to dive right into creating full-fledged iOS apps.

Learn how to design, build and deploy iOS mobile applications with modern tools. Know all core and advanced concepts on iOS app development from well-experienced software professionals.

What you will learn from our iOS course

1. Building feature-packed, impressive iOS apps from scratch

2. Complete study of programming languages such as Objective-C and Swift

3. Testing, debugging, monitoring, and deploying iOS apps

4. Emerging technologies to optimize and scale iOS app fitting diverse screen resolutions

Our iOS developer training program includes

1. Training to work with real-world apps

2. Flexible training schedule (Half-day training program)

3. Work-related training from skilled professionals

4. Company culture training sessions

5. Customized training classes based on the skill set of the candidates

6. Hands-on experience in developing iOS applications

Why Hitasoft for iOS development course?

1. Best-in-class iOS training program with affordable fee structure

2. Learners will explore iOS mobile app development with our instructors who specialize in various mobile app development divisions

3. Comprehensive process of building iOS mobile apps for diverse business models with the trendiest technologies

4. Excellent placement opportunities for the candidates who have successfully completed our iOS development course

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iOS training program outline

1. Mac versions –Features

2. iOS versions -Features

3. Introduction to Xcode tool and Compilers

ios developer course

1. classes and Methods

2. Properties and methods

3. Arrays, Dictionaries - (Mutable)

4. Categories and protocols

5. Application Lifecycle

5. Xib, StoryBoard and Interface builder

6. Creating and building simple applications

7. UIState Preservation

8. View application sandbox and CrashLogs of Application

9. Delegate and Data Source

10. Properties tag

ios developer course

1. About MVC

2. Model, View, and Controller Classes

3. Pod file integration

ios developer course

1. UIViewController Lifecycle

2. Button,label,Text Fields,SearchBar

3. switch,slider,progress bar

4. Alerts Action sheet

5. Tableviews, CollectionView

6. Scrollview, Web view

7. Picker, Date picker, Imageview, Image picker controller

8. Gestures

9. Mail, Message, Phone call

ios developer training

1. UITableViewController

2. UITableViewCell

3. Working with multiple TableViews

4. CustomCell creation

5. Collection delegate and datasource

ios developer training

1. view to view (Present model view controller )

2. Navigation controller

3. Tab Bar controller

4. Pageview controller

ios developer training

1. UIKit and view lifeCycle

2. Alpha ,Opaque ,hidden

3. SplashView and Basic animation

4. Adding Views with animation

5. Lottie Animation

ios developer training

1. Introduction to MapKit Framework

2. Showing a simple Map

3. Update User Location

ios developer training

1. Rest service

2. JSON Parsing

3. Error handling

ios course

1. User Defaults

2. Plist

3. SQLite

4. Core Data

ios course

1. AVAudio player

2. Media Player

3. MPMovie player

ios course

1. Local notifications

2. APN and Firebase Notification

3. VOIP Notification

ios course

1. FaceBook

2. Firebase Mobile login

3. Apple Sign In

ios training

1. Image Asset

2. Color Asset

3. Custom Font

ios training

1. Synchronous and Asynchronous

2. Introduction to NSTimers

ios training

1. Developer ID Creation

2. Debugging application in the device

3. App store Submission

ios training
ios training

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