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Realtime Android developer course with placements @ Madurai!

android training

70 days

Training sessions

android training

5+ yrs

Experienced software developers

android training

All time

Expert support during the training period

android training

Become an expert in Android app development

Looking for a smart way to learn to build Android apps from scratch with all advanced concepts? Then, you are in the right place.

Know each and every facet of Android app development including requirements, project management, architectural design, data management, GUI and layout, web services, integration with legacy applications, porting, security, and handling of Android app development projects

What you will learn from this Android course

1. Building full-fledged Android apps from scratch

2. Setting up the development environment for Android

3. Deploying applications to a physical device

4. C, C#, Java, Swift, XML programming fundamentals

5. Cutting-edge development tools

Our Android developer course includes

1. Real-world projects

2. Professional mentor support

3. Flexible learning schedules (Half-day training program)

4. Company culture training sessions

5. Personalized training based on candidates’ skill sets

6. Hands-on learning in Android

Why Hitasoft for Android development program?

1. Complete insight into Android app development from experienced software developers

2. Corporate exposure with comprehensive knowledge gathering about trendiest technologies and methodologies

3. Placement opportunities for the selected candidates on the successful completion of our Android development course

4. Affordable fee structure with the best-in-class modules that are set by the experts

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Android training program outline

1. Installation

2. First run setup wizard

3. ‘Hello World’ Program

4. IDE Overview

5. Project Structure - Manifest, Res, Gradle

android course

1. What is Kotlin

2. Classes

3. Variables

4. DataTypes

5. Functions

5. Arrays, Set, Map

6. Exceptions

android course

1. Operators

2. Conditions

3. Loops

4. Kotlin - Object Oriented Programming.

android course

1. Linear Layout

2. Relative Layout

3. Frame Layout

4. Constraint Layout

android course

1. TextView & EditText

2. Button

3. ImageView

4. Spinner

5. Radio button & CheckBox

6. AutoCompleteTextview

7. Date & Time Picker

8. AlertDialogs

9. Progress Indicator

android developer training

1. RecyclerView

2. ScrollView

3. WebView

4. CardView

android developer training

1. AppIcon

2. SplashScreen

3. Fonts

4. Style Attributes

5. Resource Qualifiers

6. Localization & RTL

android developer training

1. Activity Lifecycle

2. Multiple Activities Navigation

3. Share information between multiple Activities

4. Explicit and Implicit Intents

5. Debugging & Logging

android developer training

1. Fragment Lifecycle

2. Fragment Management

3. Fragment Navigation

android developer course

1. Basics of shared preferences

2. Simple Signup and Login Form App

android developer course

1. Basics of HTTP Request

2. Basics of JSON Parsing

3. Build Simple App by listing details in Recyclerview using API

4. GridView using Recyclerview

5. Infinite / Endless scrolling recyclerview

android developer course

1. Floating Action Button

2. Navigation Drawer

3. Bottom Navigation Bar

4. ViewPager

5. TabLayout

6. Coordinator Layout

android developer course

1. Location

2. Adding Marker

3. Autocomplete place search

4. Geocoding

android development course

1. Facebook Login

2. Google Login

android development course

1. Firebase FCM Cloud Messaging

android development course

1. Architecture of DBMS

2. Simple CRUD application using Sqlite

android development course

1. Download Manager

2. Service

3. Broadcast Receiver

4. ContentResolver

5. Asynchronous - Thread, Handler, AsyncTask

android development course

1. Keystore & App Signing

2. App Release Apk & App Bundle

3. Google play console Rollout process

android development course

1. Develop any android application with a maximum of 5days.

android development course
android development course

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