Hitasoft was established in the year 2009 with an aim to become the fastest emerging Offshore Outsourcing Company which will aid its clientele to benefit at maximum satisfaction.

We are a highly specialized Website Development Company offering cutting edge Web Development Services; we provide great quality web development with one of the best customer services. We offer superior customer service to the wide base of our clients. Our business-driven approach separates us from typical Web Design Companies.

For the last six years, we have built a reputation for creating a positive return on investment for our clients. Hitasoft employs a team of developers who are experts and well trained in a wide variety of platforms and programming languages. This allows us to create unique and custom solutions and most wanted eCommerce, dating, food ordering, rental space booking and online classified scripts that meet clients’ technical specifications.

We support the following technologies and platforms:


Windows and Linux Based Servers:

Our team has a well-established knowledge of configuring the LAMP or WAMP on Linux or Windows based servers. We help our customers to get the servers configured and make it ready to support our developments.

we love ubuntu desktop and servers
We are a big lovers of Ubuntu Desktop and Server Operating system. We are happy to use Ubuntu on every single machine in the development labs.

We have got more expertise in configuring your linux based servers and also installing the firewall and adding security layers.

Programing Languages:


PHP is one of the most powerful programming languages for developing web-based applications and websites. It operates on the majority of platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux and helps sites and applications to run faster.


JavaScript is a dynamic programming language used in developing web applications and interactive features on websites. It is used to create a rich user experience for web application development.


Standing for asynchronous JavaScript and CMS, AJAX is a bundle of technologies that is used to create web applications. Using AJAX, web applications can send and receive data from a server without affecting the display of the existing page. This feature helps the web application to perform better by drastically reducing load time.


HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the primary markup language for creating web pages and other features that can be viewed using a web browser. HTML elements provide the building blocks for all websites and web applications.

Objective C:

An object-oriented programming language, Objective C is the preferred programming language for Apple products, especially for iPhone applications.

Java and ADT:

Java and android development tool are massively used tool for native android application development.


MySQL is an open source relational database management system that allows multi-user access to myriad databases. MySQL is a widely used database for web applications.

Action Script 3.0:

Action Script is an language used in Adobe Flash or Apache Flex IDE. This language is more popular because of its light weight and versatility in web application development. This is also more popular for live streaming application and chat application.

Our skills

Web Development
Ecommerce Solutions
iOS - Objective C Programming
Android - Java Programming
HTML5 & CSS3 Development
Hybrid Apps Cordova Development
Adobe Flash & Flex Programming
JQuery Mobile App Development

What our clients says

My name is Abraham Jalbout and I run a small financial management and development group in the US. I deeply recommend the services provided by Hitasoft as they are responsive, intuitive and diligent in the understanding of the needs of the client and reaching specific time lines. Hitasoft has helped our business reach new clients, audiences and fundamental growth as a result of their unique vision. We are looking forward to a long term professional arrangement with Hitasoft and expect to pursue larger projects in conjunction with their team.
hitasoft testimonial
Abraham Jalbout, US
CEO, Corrtrend
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hitasoft testimonial
E. Park