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We're here for you. Find articles, help, and advice for getting the most out of us

We're here for you. Find articles, help, and advice for getting the most out of us

We're here for you. Find articles, help, and advice for getting the most out of us

List Of Top 5 PHP’s To Build Complex Websites

By hitasoft, Nov 17, 2017

As PHP are the most popular and powerful server side scripting language. PHP frameworks which gives adequate solution for the developers who wants to build complex websites and web apps.


Although the new PHP framework introduced in 2011, it is the most popular framework among many developers as reported by online surveys. Laravel has many features which rapids the application development possible. It owns a lightweight templating engine called “Blade”, Syntax that facilitates the frequent tasks like authentication,sessions,queueing,caching and restful routing. Laravel includes a development environment called homestead that is packaged vagrant box.


The faster framework than the other PHP frameworks to give a boost to the performance of your site. Yii 2 is purely object oriented and its based on (Dont Repeat Yourself) DRY coding concept. So you will get a clean and logical code base. Yii 2 is integrated with jQuery and Ajax enabled features which is easy to use in skinning and theme mechanism. Perfect choice for the one who comes from frontend background. Gii is the powerful class code generator that facilitates oops and rapid prototyping. Its provides an interface that lets interactively generate the code you want.

Yii 2:

It’s the lightweight PHP framework released in 2006. This framework has a straightforward installation process which requires minimal configuration which leaves you hassle free. An ideal choice if you want to avoid PHP version conflict as it goes nicely on all shared and dedicating host. Codeigniter has models and views that are optional but not strictly based on MVC pattern.


Though more than a decade old frameworks, it’s the most popular PHP frameworks as it always manage to stick up with time. The cakePHP 3.0 version has enhanced session management, improved modularity and increased the ability to create more standard libraries. CakePHP can be go for a website which is to be developed with high level of security. It has many built in security features like input validation, XSS, SQL injection prevention, CSRF protection and so on. Above are the frameworks which are into MVC development pattern.


It’s a CMS based pattern framework of PHP. It includes features like plugin integration and template system. WordPress is used around more than 23.3% of top most 10 million websites. It was highly used for blogging functionality within the website. The most recent wordpress version is 4.5 with inline linking, live responsive previews, formatting shortcuts and other updates under the hood.

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